Vapus and GCL join hands to build a large wet process black silicon production base in the world

Issuing time:2017-09-26 14:37

On September 8, with the roar of hoisting machinery, the first batch of "black silicon" production equipment entered the newly built plant of GCL photovoltaic in Yangzhou, which means that the "black silicon plant" will be officially put into operation and will soon be put into production. It also means that black silicon, the "black technology" of solar photovoltaic industry, will realize mass production in Yangzhou. After the base is put into operation, it will become a largescale wet process black silicon production base in China and even in the world.

At present, poly GCL supplies one third of the global silicon wafer Market with nearly 20 gigawatts of output, so its largescale mass production of black silicon wafers will further lower the manufacturing cost of highefficiency polysilicon wafers and improve the conversion efficiency, which will have a great impact on the entire solar photovoltaic industry.

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