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Issuing time:2019-11-07 17:28

Vapus Construction Holding Co., Ltd. hasinvested in a 50 MW wind power generation project in Tengger economic andTechnological Development Zone, with an installed capacity of 50 MW and a cleanheating area of 100000 square meters (about 800 households), with a totalinvestment of 350 million yuan. Among them, the heating part adopts singlehousehold air source heat pump technology to solve the heating problem ofresidents who can not be radiated by the central heating network in theDevelopment Zone in winter. After the project is completed and put intooperation, 40300 tons of standard coal and 56400 tons of raw coal will be savedevery year. Accordingly, 882.5 tons of nitrogen oxides, 1027 tons of sulfurdioxide and 428.5 tons of carbon dioxide will be reduced every year. It is ofgreat significance to improve the winter air quality of the Development Zone,absorb new energy and adjust the energy consumption structure.

Today, the first 92 sets of heating equipment arrived in the town of gargal Saihan. At present, due to the limitation of current grid line diameter and transformer capacity, the installation households will be determined according to the existing grid line load this year. The remaining parts will be installed and used after the completion of line transformation and transformer replacement next year. Recently, the staff of Beikong Clean Energy Group Co., Ltd. are checking the existing grid load with Tengger Power Supply Bureau, and it is expected to start installing heating equipment in households next week.

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