Promote the sustainable development of the company and society

Issuing time:2019-11-07 17:27

Economic globalization has brought about the globalization of social and environmental problems, accompanied by the global governance of economic, social and environmental problems, as well as the expectation of the international community towards sustainable development. Among them, the global allocation of resources and international operation of enterprises are the important sources of the abovementioned globalization problems, and also the important force to solve the problems. Because of this, the international community calls for enterprises to undertake social responsibility and promote sustainable development. Among them, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and sustainable development are often used alternately. Although the three are closely related, they have different connotations and focuses. This paper attempts to clarify the relationship among the three, and puts forward suggestions on the path selection of sustainable development of enterprises from the perspective of achieving win-win situation between enterprises and society.

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