Energy Bureau warm up distributed photovoltaic subsidy policy will be greatly adjusted

Issuing time:2019-11-07 15:40

Over the past two weeks, how to adjust the policy of distributed photovoltaic power plants has become the top issue of the Energy Bureau. At the just concluded 2014creec Seminar on the development of renewable energy enterprises, all the leaders of leading enterprises in the new energy industry were present, and the key topic was the adjustment of distributed policies.

In the words of a leader attending the meeting, the current requirement of the Energy Bureau for distribution is that "all aspects should work out policies, and not tire of many". Therefore, policy adjustment is imperative and reform is on the way.

In fact, according to the information collected by the reporter of the 21st century economic report, several sets of formed plans have been put on the desk of the Energy Bureau, but the final direction has not been determined.

2014 is the first year of distributed photovoltaic in China, and the Energy Bureau has set a target of 8GW for distributed photovoltaic power station projects. Once this goal is set, it is considered difficult to achieve. In November last year, the Energy Bureau began to organize research on the construction process of 18 distributed demonstration projects, in order to find problems and adjust policies.

At present, the vast majority of the 18 distributed projects have been found out, and the energy bureau basically knows the problems existing in the process of promoting distributed projects, and targeted policy adjustments will follow.

According to an investigation team, the biggest problem of distributed computing lies in the establishment of financing, grid connection and certification system. Therefore, policy adjustment will also start from these aspects. According to insiders, there are two directions that may be changed at present. The first is to introduce the concept of largescale distributed projects and set benchmark prices for largescale distributed projects. The second is to increase the subsidy for surplus electricity.

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