Wind power development

Issuing time:2019-11-07 15:40

From the data of wind power in 2013, we can see that the development momentum of wind power has begun to improve. The average wind curtailment rate has decreased by 6 percentage points year on year; the curtailment of wind power has decreased by 4.6 billion kWh compared with 2012.We must seize the current good opportunities for wind power development, further accelerate development, reduce the rate of wind curtailment, and promote its accelerated development

    34% year on year increase in power generation

   Layout optimization of wind power projects

According to the data, in 2013, China's new wind power grid connected capacity was 14.49 million KW, with a cumulative grid connected capacity of 77.16 million KW, an increase of 23% year on year. The annual power generation is 134.9 billion kwh, up 34% year on year. The newly approved consumption is 30.69 million kilowatts, the total approved capacity is 137 million kilowatts, and the total capacity under construction is 60.23 million kilowatts.

"It can be seen from the above data that the installed capacity of wind power in China continued to increase last year, and the growth of power generation was still more than 30% year on year. The development situation of China's wind power industry is good." Lin Boqiang, director of China energy economy research center and professor of Xiamen University, said.

These achievements are closely related to the reform of wind power management. Last year, China accelerated the transformation of management functions of wind power industry, and all wind power approval authority has been delegated to local governments. This measure greatly improves the flexibility and enthusiasm of wind power construction, and brings not only the increase of quantity.

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